Advance Academic Plus

Leap Ahead

An ‘Activity Based Learning’ methodology of teaching and coaching upper-primary to high school students. LeAP stands for ‘Learn everything for Achievement and Productivity’, and AHEaD stands for ‘All Homework Easy and Done’. LeAP was jointly developed with visiting Stanford Nanbarhal in 2011. Centered around the text book, it prescribes a systematic methodology for developing vocabulary, listening, reading, reasoning, conversation and writing skills. AHEaD, on the other hand, is a practice to consolidate, recap and reinforce the learning by promoting successful partnership between school and home.

Kanini-saar Kalvi

Driven by the dual-pronged philosophy, ‘Learn Computers; Learn by Computers!’ (‘கற்க கணிணியை; கற்க கணிணியால்!’). APPU provides a parallel focus on learning computer technology as well as applying the computer technology for learning other subjects. Well equipped computer lab in the campus enable the students with ample opportunities. Several world-class, on-line, self-paced learning and training platforms are made available to the students including Khan Academy, Read Theory, Starfall, ESL etc. A student’s progress is automatically tracked on-line, and individualized coaching is provided to help each student to succeed to their personal best.


Thalir Thiran Thittam

A highly regarded ‘life skills’ curriculum,  formulated by Aparajitha Foundations, draws on essential skills and attitudes, including WHO’s twenty-first century skills, for success in life and career. It strives to equip students for the entire spectrum of survival skills and well-being, while fulfilling life as responsible and confident adults, and contributing to the progress of society at-large.


Cradle Center

The GIFT Foundation has set up the ‘CRADLE Centre’, or ‘Cognitive Research And Development in Learning and Education’ Centre, in 2016 for developing new innovative methodologies for teaching and learning K-12 curriculum, especially focusing on research and development and technology innovation. The objectives of the centre include: Research and development of new methodologies in K-12 education, Innovative use of e-learning to enrich self-reliance in rural environment and Collaborate and support R&D with other institutions. The CRADLE Centre has released its first publication 'Cradle Fast Cursive English Handwriting note' in 2023-24.


Assessment of speaking and Listening [ASL]

The assessment of Speaking and Listening skills in English language is a process that helps to improve and standardize student’s’ communication-skills. This assessment mainly aims on:  Understanding a range of genres and contexts of Spoken English that include the familiar, academic, personal and social The abilities: to speak fluently and coherently on a topic of their choice. . to interact with another candidate and the examiner by asking questions and responding to the questions suitably to communicate with another candidate to discuss a problem and to find a solution for the same.


Olympiad is an exam which is conducted for English, Science, and Mathematics at a very large scale for students from classes 1 to 10. Giving exams at all India level or state level helps students to analyze the strength and weakness in different subjects. Moreover, this helps students to figure out their position among the other. The ranks provided act as an advantage for them. They help to motivate students to strive for better and deeper understanding of scientific facts and data and to enhance their reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills, which is useful in any examination, be it IIT-JEE or any other competitive exam.


Science Lab

We have a composite Science lab with centralised safety features, that can support different disciplines such as Biology, Physics & Chemistry. It can accommodate a wide range of practical lessons to improve students’ understanding of the principles. It supports and strengthens theoretical knowledge and increase creative thinking skills.


Math Lab

This is a place where anybody can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. Children experience the joy of discovering math concepts through exploration. Learning with understanding helps them enjoy math and brings them closer to math. Each and every Child learns math in the way suited for him/her, visually and practically.