Resource Development

Seminars and Workshops

Regular workshops and seminars are conducted to enrich language and leadership skills, personality development, memory techniques, etc. Conducted by experts, these programs are always a welcome break for our senior students and staff. The school is much honored to recognize the services of Tr.M.S.Jayaraman, Chennai, Tr. Anand David of Manford Allianz, Tr.V.Gunasekaran; and Tr.Ragland Appadurai & Tm. Jothi Ganeshkumar of OrangeScape Technologies, Dr. K. Ramnarayan, former VC, Manipal University Tr. Amar Karthick, BIT, Dr. Sundar Sarukkai, Founder-Barefoot Philosophers and Tr. Babu Rangarajan, Psychologist in particular.

Staff Training & Development Cell (STDC)

Staff Training & Development Cell headed by Tr. Jayachandran K was set up in August 2018, with a view to provide an in-house language and soft skills development program for staff of APPU schools to meet changing curriculum standards and customer expectations. The function of the STDC cell is to help identify ‘basic work related skill gaps’ among teaching and non-teaching staff, and offer structured courses, workshops, seminars or coaching sessions to bridge such gaps. STDC has adopted the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) as the language skill level indicator for our staff. While probably no other school in the area has such an initiative to focus on staff development, our STDC can help uniquely differentiate us from the rest.